Strategic Actions For Employers

  • Provide employees easy-to-use digital payment card for COVID-19 tests
  • Reduce business risk through safety protocols and worksite redesign
  • Screen your workforce for COVID-19 and COVID-19 immunity
  • Ensure your workforce is ready for the upcoming flu season
  • Provide mental and emotional health resources to your workforce
  • Communicate & educate your workforce as information becomes available


Create a Safe Workplace

Turnkey executive and HR management considerations for new social standards while at work, along with step-by-step policies for reopening safely.


Test & Track Results

Provide pre-paid digital payment card to your employees for FDA-authorized COVID-19 testing, as well as vaccinations. Allow HR to track test results and workforce immunity in real-time.


Mental & Emotional Health Resources

Increase productivity by helping employees manage COVID-related anxiety, including family stress, worksite concerns and financial hardship.


Communication & Education

Keep your workforce up to date about COVID-19 protection through a proprietary on-line video campaign designed to inform while reducing fears.

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